Uber is a company that’s seen incredible growth over the last few years. Although it remains most popular in the United States – the country where it was founded; it has expanded to several other European countries, including the UK.

If you live in the UK and want to become an Uber driver then you should find the information in this post extremely useful. Before covering the insurance requirements for Uber drivers in the UK, let’s first look at the requirements for working as an Uber driver. 


In order to become an Uber driver, you need to meet the following requirements –

  • Own a suitable vehicle – This one is obvious but your vehicle must also meet the requirements set by Uber. One of the main requirements for your vehicle is that it was not built any earlier than 2008.
  • Be eligible to drive – In addition to holding a full UK or EU driver’s licence, you will also need to have a private hire licence for the city you want to work in.
  • Attend an onboarding process – Uber requires their drivers to attend an onboarding process. This is so you can demonstrate that you have the required skills and experience to work as an Uber driver.

Do you need to get your own insurance?

The way insurance works for Uber drivers in the UK is different from the US. In the states, Uber provides insurance for their drivers when there is no passenger in the vehicle. However in the UK, Uber drivers must take care of their own insurance.

However the good news is that getting Uber taxi insurance is not difficult. You can get taxi insurance as an Uber driver very easily from an insurance comparison service such as http://www.multiquotetaxiinsurance.co.uk/.

Some types of cover you can have included with an Uber taxi insurance policy include –

  • Road risks – Cover for road risks is a necessity by law when you drive a private hire taxi. The lowest level of cover you can get is third party. This is also the cheapest option. Fully comprehensive insurance will provide greater protection but also costs more.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is a very useful type of cover for Uber drivers and can usually be included in your insurance policy as an additional extra.
  • Public liability – Uber drivers must always be wary of liability claims so having public liability insurance included in your policy is a must. You can also have legal expenses included if you wish.