Month: January 2017

5 Productivity Hacks to Get the Most From Your Employees

Getting the most out of employees is skill that every employer should aim to master. The best leaders are those who can inspire their staff and make them want to work for them. Below are some of the best ways to achieve this. 1.┬áTreat employees equally Fostering a positive atmosphere is one of the best ways to get the most out of your employees. If there is perceived┬ápreferential treatment in the office then it’s going to harbour bad feelings and will certainly affect productivity as a result. By treating your employees equally, you can help to 2. Provide a...

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How to Attract The Best Talent To Your Business

One of the keys to making your business successful is hiring the right people. Thanks to the internet and social media, finding the right person for the right role is now easier than ever. Below are some great ways to attract the best talent to your business. Use social media for recruitment Social media is often thought of as the enemy of productivity and so many executives are put off it entirely for this reason. However social media is an excellent tool for finding talent. What makes social media so useful, aside from the fact that so many people...

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